best gym in mohali is ultimatefitness

ultimatefitness is the best gym in mohali and also the fitness club or health club in best gym in chandigarh and zirakpur

Founder & CEO

Abhishek Gagneja created the renowned chain of Ultimate Fitness Gyms. Being one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leader creates the spirit of inspiration for many fitness events mainly ‘Mr. Ultimate Fitness Physique Competition’. Mr Gagneja is very particular about maintaining an Outstanding Transformation Record and hence makes sure every branch of Ultimate Fitness chain of gyms fulfills the criteria of being amongst the best gyms in tricity; Chandigarh, Mohali & Zirakpur. His extraordinary wisdom to be the forerunner has inspired many people to step in the world of fitness.

Our mentor is always passionate about fitness and has an inspiring approach towards Ultimate Fitness Gyms. His incredible experience contributes to making the Ultimate Fitness Chain the healthiest place in the fitness industry. He has an insightful vision to motivate the community to opt for better health choices and develop a vigorous lifestyle.

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Ultimate Fitness Gym is the gym with a difference. We have all the essentials you need for the great workout, equipped with the best cardio and strength resources in the fitness industry. But that’s not what makes us distinct. What exemplifies us is to provide a healthier place to remain fit rather than just going to a gym for an uneven period. Our friendly, professional trainers work with you to give all the smashing experience in your fitness journey. We are committed to providing you not only the great body but also the great mind, rest in the healthy body. Come and experience the difference at UFG.


UFG has undoubtedly carved a niche in the fitness industry. We provide services at a price point accessible to nearly everyone. Our motto is creating the fusion of best fitness training and entertainment – doing any workout with unbeatable energy. Our professional trainers assist you at every step right from setting goals to customizing your workout plans, designed fully around you. We aim to offer one of the best gyms to join in Tricity, and we take pride in achieving the winning brand for weight loss, personal training, team workouts, yoga or bhangra classes, we provide everything that you will ever need. We’re constantly working for a common goal: Helping people to Live a Healthier Lifestyle!


Ultimate Fitness is acknowledged for its unrivaled success in providing the finest gym equipment and fitness knowledge available to help its members achieve their individual goals, whether you want fat loss, muscle gain or overall body toning. We also provide best Yoga Classes, Zumba Classes or Bhangra Classes in Tricity; Chandigarh, Mohali & Zirakpur. We follow a globally proven fitness training module with state-of-the-art infrastructure, delivery methodology and continuous up gradation through training programs.


Body Building

Bodybuilding is just like living a military precision in a civilian lifestyle. For building a body’s muscles, one has to be disciplined and as fit as a seal. It can be achieved through weightlifting exercises, rich nutritional diet, and disciplined gym routine. Regular exercises and nutrient-dense diet go hand in hand that offers ample of health benefits with a great physique.

Personal Training

There’s nothing better than having the workout where the focus is YOU. Personal Training provides your personal certified trainer are motivated in transforming your health and achieving fitness goals. We will develop the workout strategy tailored to your fitness regimen, keeping in view your potentials and accountability for challenging targets, no matter your age or fitness level.

Core Blast Workout

An intense workout that requires no types of equipment, it can be done anywhere all you need is a plain ground. This workout targets your abs, back, and midriff with no rest intervals. It focuses on your core areas, correcting posture, and improves strength. It makes your body robust and more in shape.

Crossfit Training

This workout fits for everyone-whether a beginner or trained for years. It is mainly a mix of aerobics and bodyweight exercises. Here people work out in groups than alone, the combined power results in a synergy that can be very productive. This activity does not require any equipment or added weights. Crossfit exercises – A full pack of Mind-Body benefits.

Weight Management

To stay in the desired shape is one of our fitness goals and unwanted weight is one of the common hurdles. Regular exercises and Planned workout helps in maintaining the required body weight. It is more than just weight loss. It has various amazing benefits on the mind and body. Beside Gym Machines, one of the most popular types of exercises for managing the correct type of body weight is aerobic or cardio exercises, bhangra, Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, and Bollywood.

Nutrition Wellness Consultation

There’s always a misconception among some people that eating less would help them to get in shape. But the fact is practising fasting will take you nowhere, instead of eating quality food in required quantity would be fruitful to gain feasible results. Upon your consultation, our nutrition consultants carefully analyzed your body and workout plan, after that they will suggest the best diet plan for your body.



The majority of the body is made up of water, with up to 75% of the body’s weight due to H2O. Most of the water is found within the cells of the body read more


Sometimes, we enticed to undermine our exercise whether we are convincing ourselves not to do that last set,  read more


An appropriate workout routine doesn’t need to be entangled, neither require fancy equipments. It only requires a couple of Dummbbells . read more

See our gym events and news , provided by the ultimatefitness gym in mohali phase 11 and phase 67 also in chandigarh, check our gym team

best gym in mohali

ultimatefitness is the best gym in mohali | our main branch of the gym is in sector 70 mohali , phase 11 and sector 67 of mohali near chandigarh.

In recent years, the fitness industry has benefited greatly from the growing awareness and focus towards improving health and wellness, especially within the United States. With motivations ranging from improved fitness levels, athletic performance, physical appearance, and overall health/well-being, the future of the now 28 billion dollar industry that is health and fitness in the United States remains optimistic.

Believe it or not, the majority of fitness clubs within the United States lose up to 50 percent of their members every year. In order to perform successfully long-term, players in the industry need to improve retention of customers, but also allocate consistent efforts towards bringing in new ones as well.

However, in an industry that operates with relatively low barriers to entry, the amount and quality of competition is constantly growing. In order to combat high levels of competition, it is important for marketers to differentiate their products and services through a customer-centric lense. This means not only offering customers superior experiences, but understanding the interests, needs and desires of potential customers throughout their research. So, let’s think about the actual people typing the word “treadmill” into their search engines.


Most simply put, people looking to join a gym or fitness program value the feeling of acceptance or a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere significantly. For a lot of people, the goal of improving personal health and fitness can be uncomfortable and daunting to pursue, especially at the start of their research. Developing a business model that emphasizes inclusivity and a personalized experience can help to differentiate players in the fitness industry in a positive light. One potential customers in the fitness industry could be looking for an entirely different experience than the next, so it’s important to keep that in mind throughout your swooning process. If you’re able to grab the attention of both the Dwayne The Rock Johnson and the guy working out for the first time in 15 years, you’ll be able to optimize your target market breadth. Focus on your worthwhile leads, and dive deeper into understanding what really makes them tick.

So, you’ve put together an inclusive brand image and some aesthetically pleasing landing pages – now what? Don’t get sucked in to overspending to try to outbid every gym in the country on keywords with the most impressions. Rather, focus your highest bidding on geo-targeted keywords in order to ensure the traffic on your website is generating the most valuable and promising leads. If you’re noticing low conversions and high traffic, think about taking a look into negative keywords for another way to do your best to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

If you’re a workout facility in Massachusetts that’s spending significant resources to outbid all the gyms on the West Coast for the keyword “treadmill,” there are better ways to allocate your budget. While the implementation of those high-search-volume keywords might increase initial traffic to your site, chances are as soon as people get to your site and notice you’re located on the opposite side of the country, they’ll bounce (literally, your bounce rate could suffer). Concentrate your efforts on beating your competition on location specific keywords, ensuring that the traffic on your site is potential customers close enough to purchase a membership.

If you’re not selling memberships to a gym or physically attended workout classes, geo-targeted keywords aren’t necessarily as paramount. In the case of selling gym equipment or workout plans/programs, focusing on building content for your site can not only increase your traffic and search ad optimization, but can differentiate your product or service from others in the industry. It can also be a great way to establish your business as a trusted and reputable source for information, which can potentially translate into worthwhile leads.

Along with making your website reflect your expertise in the fitness industry, adding user-friendly, approachable and passionate content can help people get excited about your offerings over that of your competition. People join gyms and purchase/explore fitness products/tools for guidance because they don’t already belong to or own them, so, chances are they could feel a little uncomfortable towards the lifestyle change. Focus your marketing efforts on making that transition comfortable and accommodating, and create content to build a relationship with customers. If you’re producing high-level products/services and customers feel a sense of belonging in an often intimidating industry, they’re more likely to stick around.

gym in mohali 3b2

ultimatefitness is the best gym in mohali 3b2, focuses on a fun, high energy atmosphere but without the intimidation factor that makes most people feel uncomfortable in a fitness club. Take their personalized and customized approach to fitness and start the beginning to a new you.

ultimatefitness gym in mohali

ultimatefitness gym in mohali is the best gym in mohali,Fitnestsector 70, aims to make your experience of working out an exceptional one. Every detail has been taken into account – from ambiance to flooring to equipment – it’s all state of the art. It offers discerning fitness lovers a comfortable and modern setting for a customized workout.

ultimatefitness is the mohali's best gym

To make your experience of working out an exceptional one. At the ultimatefitness Gym, every detail has been taken into account – from ambiance to flooring to equipment – it’s all state of the art. It offers discerning fitness lovers a comfortable and modern setting for a customized workout. This is a gym chain where trainers eat, sleep and dream fitness. With client satisfaction as their no.1 priority, the  ultimatefitness is your power packed fitness solution.